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Online gamers and their habits

by on Oct.16, 2018, under Games

Online gaming habits are as unique to the game as the very people that log in and play. For some people, this is a few hours of care free fun where they get to loosen up and surround themselves with a few of their favourite ‘beaching out’ accessories, whereas for others, it’s a full time job where the result means the difference between putting bread on the table or dipping into the overdraft.But concentrating on the former for a second, it’s easy to see how gaming online goes hand in hand with specific behaviours and habits, just like in the real, physical casino world. Think about it. At the tables, there are those who will knuckle down and eschew any and all distractions. Then there are also those who will grab a few bar snacks, drinks and, dependng on the rules, a few cigars to chew on whilst gambling. It’s all about what makes the player comfortable whilst at the table, and what helps them concentrate or relax.So the same applies online. Even celebrities who like to gamble online admit to having a ‘style’ when they play. For instance, Charlie Sheen is known to be a keen poker player who prefers to log in whilst in exotic locales on vacation, as opposed to simply whilst playing at home. But for most players it’s a subtle combination of old favourites. A glass of Scotch and a cigar help some players both chill out and recreate the grandour of a real casino experience. For others, a few cold beers, some Doritos and a pack of cheap cigarettes will suffice. Groups of friends will now also happily line their smartphones and laptops up in a line, log into the same room and start throwing money down with all manner of drinks and food (both alcoholic and soft) laid out, ‘buffet style’, to make a full on party out of their gaming. Even the old school favourites like chewing tobacco and snus (such as that found at Snus Direct) still feature highly as a gambling staple.The key takeaway from all of this is that there is no hard and fast rule. For every online gamer, what sits in front of them is unique and is there because it helps them chill out, knuckle down and improve their gaming experience.

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Gamers – How to Keep On Playing

by on Dec.27, 2017, under Games

Avid gamers are notorious in their lengthy game play periods. Whether it is just for fun with friends at home or in the professional environment such as a tournament, staring at a computer screen for hours on end can take its toll. To this effect, gamers often have a number of habits that they use in order to keep their skills and reflexes sharp. Outlined in the following articles are some suggestions that you can follow if you intend on gaming all night.One of the first things that most gamers do is to stock up on energy drinks of some kind prior to the start of gaming. This can be anything from coffee to regular sugary beverages such as Red Bull. These drinks help to keep gamers awake and playing and also provide a much-needed instant energy boost.Another commonly used option is snus. This is a type of tobacco kept in small dry pouches which can be hidden under the top lip. The pouch will stay there whilst the nicotine infuses into the system through the thinner skin located behind the top lip. This fast injection of nicotine into the blood stream helps keep gamers awake and focused on the task at hand. Particularly popular in Scandinavian countries, it has recently started to find global popularity due to its smoke-free method of providing a nicotine hit. With its popularity, the ease with which to find it is greater and now there are a number of easily accessible websites as where one can find Swedish snus.Gaming can also be highly stressful in certain situations. Especially for those playing a professional environment, a loss can mean more than just a death in a game. Staying calm is very important for good game play and many players will use stress balls to relive tension during breaks in the gaming bouts. An added bonus, stress balls help to strengthen hands and grip, something that is useful when manipulating a joystick constantly.

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Fun Variants of Classic Casino Games

by on Aug.04, 2017, under Games

Classic casino games like Poker, Roulette etc. can be intense games at the best of times, so for those players who need a little light relief, why not play some variants of those games to help mix things up a bit. These variations can oftentimes be more fun to play, and may even increase your learning experience and help you return to your classic variant as a better player. Pineapple Poker is one such variant. A fun version of Poker, Pineapple Poker is a little bit more dynamic and bears similarities with the game Hold’em, but it has bigger pots, extra action and more suck outs. The game can only be played online and for real money. The game itself is played around a poker table with the winner being the player who creates the best five- card poker hand from one or two of the hole cards and three or four from the community pack. In terms of the rules, Pineapple Poker is similar to Hold’em; however, the gameplay is slightly different in that players pre-flop get three cards instead of two. Pineapple Poker has three other fun-sounding variants as well – Crazy Pineapple, Crazy Poker and Lazy Pineapple, where each has a variance of the gameplay and the rules. Another classic game is Roulette, whose fun and quicker game-time variant is called Mini Roulette. Here the game is played on a much smaller wheel numbered from 1-12 and a single zero instead of the standard 0-36. All the normal betting options are available. There is also a hybrid version of the game where it is combined with bingo. In this case, the wheel does not feature numbers but only colours yellow, blue, red and a single green slot. Here, instead of a small ball, a bingo number emerges from a tube in the centre of the wheel.

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How To Play Poker For Beginners

by on Jul.20, 2017, under Games

Poker is one of the major pastime games for many people in the world. It has been played for many centuries and it is not well documented as to when man started playing the game. Either way, poker is a fun pastime for any amateur, or professional playing just for the sake of the game, or for money. It is, therefore, imperative to know how to play the game because in everyone’s lifetime, they will receive an invitation for a game at some point in time. According to the experts, to play poker you need to employ special strategies and techniques in order to emerge the winner. There are different rules for every game depending on the type of poker, but there are also general rules which, when applied, will ensure a win regardless of which poker game. First, the player needs to know the stakes for which they are playing. There will always be a winner and a loser in poker and the stakes are what you get, or part with, in a game. It is advisable for a beginner that they start off with smaller stakes. Second, do not start with the high-end, complicated games. This can be very discouraging because it is hard to win. By starting low and learning step-by-step, then the player can advance steadily. Third, learn which card is supposed to beat which card. Get an understanding of the value of each card that you hold in your hand. This way you can know when to hold and when to place on the table. Last, but not least, practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and for poker, the more you play the smarter you become. Remember you will not become a pro with the first game so be patient.

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How to Choose the Perfect Casino

by on Jun.07, 2017, under Games

There are so many online casinos that choosing the one that suits an individual can be a challenge. With hundreds on offer it can be hard to even know where to start.

No need to get discouraged though, there are plenty of really good options available. Here are a few helping hints to get players started on finding their ideal casino.

One thing to check for is the bonuses on offer. Almost every casino will offer a welcome bonus of some sort. These can come in the form of no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses. A no deposit bonus will offer newcomers a small sum of money to play with at the casino, no strings attached. This can help players in seeing if they enjoy the casino or game with no loss to themselves. The more common type is the deposit bonus, which requires players to place a certain sum into their account, which will be matched by the casino. Again offering players more chances of winning and trying out the games.

Other people will find that the game selection is the most important aspect. Different casinos use different providers and as such not all games are offered in every casino. If a player has a favourite game or software provider it is important for them to search out casinos that will provide these games. This is the same when it comes to picking slots, live games or table games; every casino has a different selection.

Then there are, of course, the safety and security aspects of the casino, which payment options are on offer, who are they licensed with and more. At the end of the day though, it really does come down to a player’s personal preferences and what they feel comfortable with.

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Must-Play New Slot Machines

by on Jun.03, 2017, under Games

There are so many slots available on line, in fact there are thousands. So much choice enables players to pick the perfect game or to simply change and play something new every day. There are always a few slots that stand out and a few of these are outlined below.

Joker Jester

This is a fun slot set in the medieval times and as the name suggests, about a joker. When looking to play Joker Jester players should note that whilst it looks basic, it is in fact hiding a lot of excellent bonus features. With an RTP of 95.97% it is one of the highest online right now, which means that players have a great chance of making some money on it. Full of brightly coloured symbols, fun little games and of course the large number of bonuses, Joker Jester is an excellent, if a little bit dated, option for players.

Turning Totems

Another little gem available on Casino Palace is the North American set Turning Totems by Thunderkick. With just five symbols in the base game, the likelihood of scoring a winning combo is obviously increased. A decent little bonus in the form of a Thunder Reel offers players some free spins but it is the RTP of 96.10% that is really the big draw card and due mainly to the small number of symbols in the game.

Sam on the Beach

Sam on the Beach is a gorgeous slot set in the Caribbean, and who doesn’t want to go there? This game offers players a decent number of free spins all set to an exotic backdrop. All the symbols are along the seaside theme and just serve to remind players where their winnings could go. This has the highest RTP of the three and sits at an excellent 96.30%, something worthwhile to get the teeth stuck into.All of these and more can be found in the large slot game library available at Casino Palace.

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How to Benefit from Casino Bonuses

by on May.29, 2017, under Games

Being a beginner or an experienced player in the world of online casinos, you might find it difficult to navigate in the jungle of bonuses and promotions. Some of the bonuses seem extraordinarily high, maybe even too good to be true? One important thing to bear in mind is that every bonus offered is unique due to the different terms and conditions applying to each offer. This varies between casinos, but there can also be different wagering requirements between the bonuses offered by the same casino. Take the time needed to read the fine print under the bonuses to find the right offer for you.

Different kinds of casino bonuses

If you check in to an online casino you usually find these three bonuses: Welcome bonus, free spins and no deposit bonus. You can also get bonuses betting on sport like basketball or American football and football worldwide. A welcome bonus usually requires a deposit. You can get everything from 50% to as high as 500% bonuses when opening a new account at an online casino. Free spins usually do not require a deposit, but do come with wagering requirements. You can get help finding the right bonus for you, using some simple guidelines.

Different players benefit from different bonuses

The key to get maximum benefit from your bonus depends on you as a player. Are you an experienced gambler looking to invest some of your own money? You can definitely benefit from a welcome bonus with a maximum match bonus on your deposit. Are you a beginner? You might be better of starting out with free spins with low deposits and no-deposit bonuses. This way you can try out different casinos and find your favorite casino game.

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Gamer’s Business in Malta

by on Mar.10, 2017, under Games

Malta is a popular area to work in as it has a great work ethic and is ranked high on the Quality of Living Index. With a unique blend of history, seaside beauty and excellent climate there are many who wish to work there. Salaries might not be top-notch but the cost of living is equally low.In addition, Malta is a central hub for gaming industries around the world. Many people want or need to work there for various reasons but to do this there are some legal barriers that need to be crossed. These can be quite complex in nature and all details and options will be outlined here.malta

Residency or Citizenship?

To start with, anyone who wishes to work in Malta needs to check whether they are eligible simply by what citizenship they hold. Gaining a residency, citizenship and a Malta passport can be quite a daunting task but it is here that GTG Advocates excel. They specialize in helping their clients in achieving their goals of working in Malta by aiding in applications for a residence permit for those from the EU and will even go that one step further and help those from third world countries gain a single permit.

Where to Find a Gaming Job?

Finding a job in the gaming industry can also be hard. There are many companies advertising gaming jobs in Malta that can be applied for online. This can help people figure out the exact job that suits them before even heading over to Malta. One of the centres in the casino gaming world, Malta is a very popular place to work. To gain residency potential workers simply need to live for at least six months on the island itself.

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The Most Popular Online Games

by on Feb.16, 2015, under Games

The world of the Internet is now an environment unto itself. Thanks to ever-evolving technology and nearly universal access to this domain, there are many industries which are thriving. One of the largest and most diverse is the gaming sector. Online games are extremely popular and are enjoyed by countless fans from various walks of life each and every day. So, what are some of the most popular types of games and what benefits does each category offer?

Flash Games

This is indeed the largest section and actually comprises many different subcategories. The main benefit of a flash game is that no download is required. In other words, it can be played simply by clicking on the link. The graphics involved are incredibly realistic and there are a host of discrete categories to select. The same can be said for the literally thousands of different portals that support these versions.

RPG Games

These are also known as role-playing games. As the name suggests, the player will take on the form of a character and complete various tasks to ascend to the next level. He or she may be required to interact with other characters or even live players from other locations. Puzzles could need to be solved or enemies vanquished. The main benefit of common RPG games is that there is a very personal “feel” which is offered.

Hidden Object Games

These are excellent for anyone who is looking for a graphically rich distraction that does not involve a great deal of strategy. Of course, the main point is to find a certain number of objects that are hidden within a room or similar environment. Time limits may exist and help options can provide hints during particularly challenging levels. With the addition of the appropriate music, these games are quite popular with children and adults alike.These are some of the most common (and fun) online gaming categories in existence. Providing hours of enjoyment, such versions are indeed worth a closer look.

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