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Online gamers and their habits

by on Oct.16, 2018, under Games

Online gaming habits are as unique to the game as the very people that log in and play. For some people, this is a few hours of care free fun where they get to loosen up and surround themselves with a few of their favourite ‘beaching out’ accessories, whereas for others, it’s a full time job where the result means the difference between putting bread on the table or dipping into the overdraft.But concentrating on the former for a second, it’s easy to see how gaming online goes hand in hand with specific behaviours and habits, just like in the real, physical casino world. Think about it. At the tables, there are those who will knuckle down and eschew any and all distractions. Then there are also those who will grab a few bar snacks, drinks and, dependng on the rules, a few cigars to chew on whilst gambling. It’s all about what makes the player comfortable whilst at the table, and what helps them concentrate or relax.So the same applies online. Even celebrities who like to gamble online admit to having a ‘style’ when they play. For instance, Charlie Sheen is known to be a keen poker player who prefers to log in whilst in exotic locales on vacation, as opposed to simply whilst playing at home. But for most players it’s a subtle combination of old favourites. A glass of Scotch and a cigar help some players both chill out and recreate the grandour of a real casino experience. For others, a few cold beers, some Doritos and a pack of cheap cigarettes will suffice. Groups of friends will now also happily line their smartphones and laptops up in a line, log into the same room and start throwing money down with all manner of drinks and food (both alcoholic and soft) laid out, ‘buffet style’, to make a full on party out of their gaming. Even the old school favourites like chewing tobacco and snus (such as that found at Snus Direct) still feature highly as a gambling staple.The key takeaway from all of this is that there is no hard and fast rule. For every online gamer, what sits in front of them is unique and is there because it helps them chill out, knuckle down and improve their gaming experience.

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