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Gamer’s Business in Malta

by on Mar.10, 2017, under Games

Malta is a popular area to work in as it has a great work ethic and is ranked high on the Quality of Living Index. With a unique blend of history, seaside beauty and excellent climate there are many who wish to work there. Salaries might not be top-notch but the cost of living is equally low.In addition, Malta is a central hub for gaming industries around the world. Many people want or need to work there for various reasons but to do this there are some legal barriers that need to be crossed. These can be quite complex in nature and all details and options will be outlined here.malta

Residency or Citizenship?

To start with, anyone who wishes to work in Malta needs to check whether they are eligible simply by what citizenship they hold. Gaining a residency, citizenship and a Malta passport can be quite a daunting task but it is here that GTG Advocates excel. They specialize in helping their clients in achieving their goals of working in Malta by aiding in applications for a residence permit for those from the EU and will even go that one step further and help those from third world countries gain a single permit.

Where to Find a Gaming Job?

Finding a job in the gaming industry can also be hard. There are many companies advertising gaming jobs in Malta that can be applied for online. This can help people figure out the exact job that suits them before even heading over to Malta. One of the centres in the casino gaming world, Malta is a very popular place to work. To gain residency potential workers simply need to live for at least six months on the island itself.

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